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Hindi grammar (हिंदी व्याकरण)
Whilst most people consider “grammar” they do not get very excited. But grammar can educate you something in minutes that could take days to discern out with the aid of immersion by myself.
Grammar is your pal!
We trust in grammar, and we encompass it in our approach. However permit’s be sincere. Studying hindi grammar will now not make you fluent.
These days, it is popular in some circles to say that there may be no want to analyze grammar. The thinking is going something like this:
I didn’t learn grammar as a toddler, and but i nevertheless discovered to speak. Consequently, i do now not need to observe grammar as an person.
This form of thinking ignores the truth that as an person you have a better intellectual capacity, and gaining knowledge of a few grammar is straightforward and could be a large assist to you.
Grammar is not the intention.
For most people, the aim isn’t always to end up a grammar expert—the aim is to be able to speak korean conversationally. To do this, you want a entire communication route.
And for most people, conversation is the primary purpose.
There are grammar subjects beneath in app:
Approximately hindi
Some helpful thoughts
Devanagari – the hindi alphabet
An advent to urdu – اردو

Saying hiya

Vowels element 1; अ a and आ aa
Vowels element 2; इ i and ई ee
Vowels part three; उ u and ऊ oo
Vowels component four; ए e and ऐ ai
Vowels part 5; ओ o and औ au
Vowels element 6; ऋ ri
Vowels recap
Consonants element 1; क, ख, ग and घ
The way to type in hindi
Consonants component 2; च, छ, ज and झ

Numbers 0 – 10

Consonants part 3; ट, ठ, ड and ढ
Consonants element four; त, थ, द and ध
Consonants element five; प, फ, ब, भ and म
How are you?
Consonants component 6; य, र, ल and व
Numbers eleven – 20
What’s your name?
होना – to be
Consonants element 7; श, ष, स and ह
Nasalised vowels
Advent to hindi verbs
Sure, no and simple questions
Nasalisations element 1
Verbs element 2; the prevailing annoying
I like you
A simple hindi conversaion


Consonant conjuncts part 1
Consonants recap!
Query words element 1
Verbs element three; the existing continuous irritating
English words from hindi
Possessive pronouns
Nouns element 1; creation
Nouns part 2; the plural case
Possessive pronouns part 2
How old are you?
Numbers 21 – 30
Consonant conjuncts component 2; र ra


Wherein are you from?
The bad case
Colors – रंग rang
Nouns part three; the oblique case
Consonant conjuncts part three; unique characters



Possessive pronouns element three; का kaa
Possessive pronouns part four; अपना apnaa
Verbs part four; the future stressful
Dotted consonants
The destiny shape of होना honaa- to be
Vocabulary builder: verbs
What time is it?
Where do you stay?
Examine hindi with the commonwealth video games!
Abhinav’s creation
Pronouns element 2; the oblique case
न na – isn’t it?
The usage of पसंद pasand to describe likes and dislikes
सकना saknaa – so as to / can
कितना kitnaa – how tons? / what number of?
हाथी की मित्रता – the elephant’s friendship

Practice with adjectives!

Tense evaluation and happy diwali!
Past anxious part 1; was and have been
Beyond disturbing component 2; the beyond continuous tense
Revisiting the elephant’s friendship
Ipa and hindi
Evaluating adjectives
The unhappy banana
Imperatives component 1: आप aap
Jobs and occupations
Imperatives part 2: तुम tum

मौसम कैसा है? – how’s the weather?


Imperatives part 3: तू too
The beyond disturbing for intransitive verbs
An introduction to the urdu alphabet
The beyond disturbing for transitive verbs
What time is it? Component 2
चाहिए caahie – want / need some thing
Urdu vowels part 1: a and aa
Practice with the beyond irritating
Abnormal verbs within the past hectic
Answering the smartphone
How are you? Part 2; extra replies
सप्ताह के दिन saptah ke din – days of the week
के पास ke paas – to have
Popeye in hindi!
Don’t forget ने ne?
Urdu vowels component 2: i and ee
Compound postpositions
जन्मदिन मुबारक हो – satisfied birthday!
आती क्या खंडाला aati kya khandala

Recap and thanks’s!

Allow’s get speaking!
Brothers and sisters
The future conditional annoying
कुछ kuch – something and कोई koee – a person
The beyond imperfect irritating

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