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Pokemon x and y Game Download for Android APK

Pokemon x and y Game Download is available at my9app. The current App is available for all Android devices.check and give your feedback.

pokemon x and y game download

Pokemon x and y Game Description

Pokémon x and pokémon y (ポケットモンスター x・y poketto monsutā ekkusu & wai) are role-gambling video games developed via recreation freak and posted by means of nintendo for the nintendo 3ds. They may be the primary installments in the sixth technology of the pokémon collection of position-gambling video games. First introduced in january 2013 with the aid of former nintendo president satoru iwata via a special nintendo direct. Each x and y had been released worldwide in october 2013. Making them the first nintendo-posted retail games to have a simultaneous international launch in all key areas.

As with previous installments. Every game follows the adventure of a younger pokémon instructor (and the trainer’s pals) as they teach pokémon.

This time, the game takes location inside the kalos place—based totally on france—with the object of the game being to thwart the schemes of the nefarious criminal enterprise group flare. All at the same time as trying to task the pokémon league champion. X and y brought 72 new pokémon species, and consists of new functions inclusive of the brand new fairy type. Man or woman customization, up to date conflict and education mechanics, and completely rendered polygonal 3D pictures (instead of the sprites utilized in previous generations).

A new form of pokémon evolution, called “mega evolution,” . Lets in players to similarly evolve many species of completely evolved pokémon, with 30 evolutions currently to be had. Each titles are impartial of each different, however characteristic largely the identical plot, and even as either may be played one at a time, buying and selling pokémon between the two video games is, as with past titles, necessary so as for a player to gain each pokémon species.

Pokemon x and y Game Download Free

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